Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tourist is a suitcase; Traveler is a horse

Althouse asks the question, "What do you think the difference is between a tourist and a traveler?"

I ask my wife, who loves to travel.

My wife says, "A tourist is someone who has gone someplace to be there and a traveler is on their way somewhere."

I say, "The traveler never gets there."

My wife says, "Nope. A tourist is all about being in a locale."

* * *

My first thought was that a Tourist is a suitcase and Traveler is a horse. Which fits exactly.

Courtesy Wikipedia

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The bog local Unitarian church has an Elie Wiesel quote up on their signboard: God means movement and not explanation.


  1. A primary theme in Paul Bowles' The Sheltering Sky is the difference between tourists and travelers. Kit and Port are travelers and the very dull Tunner is a tourist.